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Energy Independence: President Obama believes America’s energy independence is critical to creating jobs here at home and creating an economy built to last.

President Obama is creating jobs by investing in homegrown energy. His plan keeps investing in promising clean energy industries like wind power, which supports about 7,000 jobs in Iowa and 75,000 jobs across the country.

We’ve doubled the amount of electricity America generates from wind since the President took office. We’ve built the equivalent of 12 Hoover Dams’ worth of wind energy in the past four years. That’s creating American-made clean energy that can power nearly 13 million homes.

The Facts: The false claims in Romney’s latest ad don’t hold water. Even Congressional Republicans’ wasteful year-long investigation into the President’s job-creating clean energy investments affirms that they were made on the merits. Those investments are helping make us more energy independent.

Today Mitt Romney is campaigning in Virginia, once again attacking the President and distorting his energy record. While President Obama is helping families save at the pump with his all-of-the-above energy strategy, Mitt Romney and his Big Oil allies continue to attack his plan, fighting to keep their tax breaks and block alternative fuels.

Today Mitt Romney is raising money at the home of billionaire oil executive and campaign advisor Harold Hamm, who has supported manipulating energy prices. Romney is also campaigning in Colorado, where he distorted the President’s all-of-the-above energy strategy that’s making America more energy independent.

Romney’s taken almost a million dollars from the oil and gas industry, and he supports a laundry list of its demands, including:

Romney Economics: In both the public and private sectors, Romney favored short-term profits that helped only those at the top over long-term investments that helped everyone. He wants to bring those values to the Oval Office and do the same for our energy future by letting his Big Oil donors shape his energy policies behind closed doors instead of implementing policies that help families save at the pump.

  • Today Mitt Romney is attacking President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy that’s helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil so families can save at the pump. Romney is trying to Etch-A-Sketch away the past year when he attacked the President’s investments in clean energy. He’s also advocated a backward-looking drilling and drilling alone strategy that wouldn’t allow America to take control of our energy future.
  • Mitt Romney spoke last week at the Petroleum Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. He spoke to a roomful of Big Oil executives who have given money to his campaign and who would benefit from the pro-oil policies Romney supports as a presidential candidate. Romney’s energy policy is full of empty rhetoric and bad ideas that would make his Big Oil donors even richer at the expense of the middle class.

    Please see this new infographic on Romney’s alliance with Big Oil.

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