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Romney Is On the Wrong Side of Every Issue Important to Latino Voters; He Would Have to Reverse All of His Extreme Positions to Earn Their Support

Romney’s extreme Latino makeover is too little, too late. He’s on the wrong side of every issue important to Latino voters, from economic and health security to education, and he’s the most extreme presidential candidate on immigration in modern history.

Romney said being Latino could help him in the election, but Latino voters really care where he stands on substantive issues, not whether he’s Latino. His extreme makeover at tonight’s Univision town hall is too little, too late. Romney is wrong on every issue important to Latino voters – economic security, health care and education – and is the most extreme nominee on immigration in modern history.

Romney would weaken Latino economic security. He proposes the same failed, top-down economics of the past that would threaten Latino middle-class economic security.

  • He would pay for tax cuts for the wealthy by cutting deductions that help Latino middle-class families buy a home, health care, child care and pay for college.
  • He would raise taxes on Latino middle-class families with kids by $2,000 to give a $250,000 tax cut for multimillionaires.

Romney would gut investments in Latino education while cutting taxes for millionaires. The Romney-Ryan budget could kick 200,000 kids off Head Start, make K-12 education cuts that lead to teacher layoffs and cut Pell Grant scholarships for nearly 10 million students.

  • Romney would also eliminate the President’s college tax credit, which helped more than 9 million students pay for college last year.
  • Under Romney, fewer Latino families would be able to send their children to college. He told students to “shop around” if they’re worried about college costs and “borrow money from your parents” to go to college or start a business.

Romney would weaken Latino health security by repealing Obamacare, slashing Medicaid and ending Medicare as we know it.

  • Repealing Obamacare would kick up to 913,000 young Latinos off their parents’ plans, let insurers discriminate against Latina women and people with preexisting conditions and deny up to 9 million Latinos the chance to gain coverage.
  • Romney’s drastic cuts to Medicaid would threaten the well-being of Latino people with disabilities, children and seniors in nursing homes.
  • Romney’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program would take away Latino seniors’ guaranteed benefits and could cost them up to $6,400 more a year.

Romney is the most extreme nominee on immigration in modern history. He promised to veto the DREAM Act, calling it a “handout.” He also called Arizona’s discriminatory and extreme anti-immigrant law a “model” for the nation and has adopted the inhumane policy of “self-deportation.”