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Romney Broke His Promises in Massachusetts; Why Would He Keep Them As President?

Mitt Romney’s new ad is full of more promises he claims he’ll keep on day one. But after Romney broke his promises of more jobs, less debt and smaller government in Massachusetts, voters shouldn’t expect him to keep those same promises as President.

Romney Economics: In both the private and public sectors, Romney Economics has never been about creating jobs. It’s always been about putting short-term profits for those at the top ahead of long-term economic growth for everyone.

Broken Promises: As governor of Massachusetts, Romney repeatedly broke his promises to deliver more jobs, less debt and smaller government.

  • Jobs: Romney Economics plummeted Massachusetts to 47th out of 50 in job creation.
  • Debt: Romney Economics left his successor with a $1 billion deficit and Massachusetts taxpayers with the most per-person debt in the country.
  • Government: Romney Economics created government jobs six times as fast as private-sector jobs.

The Facts: Romney’s ads continue to distort the President’s record on issue after issue.

  • Debt: The President’s balanced plan will shrink the deficit by more than $4 trillion, including $2 trillion in deficit reduction signed into law last year. Romney economics would explode the deficit by up to $5 trillion and pass that debt onto our children.
  • China: The President is pressuring China on its unfair trade practices and undervalued currency. Two years ago, Romney called that “bad for the nation and our workers,” flip-flopping only after dumping $1.5 million in personal investments there.
  • Regulations: The President is holding Wall Street accountable and approved fewer regulations than President Bush did at this point in his first term. Romney would let Wall Street write its own rules again and bring back the same reckless policies that crashed our economy and punished the middle class.