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President Obama Urges Congress to Pass “To Do List” To Help Create Good Jobs

President Obama is urging Congress to pass a commonsense, five-point “To Do List” that will keep us moving forward. We need a job-creating economy built to last where we make things the rest of the world buys – not one based on outsourcing, loopholes, or risky financial dials that jeopardize everyone, especially the middle class.

President Obama is calling on Congress to act on a commonsense, concrete plan that will help create jobs and restore economic security for the middle class. He’s proposing a five-point “To Do List” that will keep us moving forward toward a job-creating economy built to last.

The President believes we should be rewarding companies that create in America, not those that send American jobs to other countries. The first item on this list gives a new 20 percent tax credit to companies that bring jobs back home, paid for by eliminating tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas.

The rest of the President’s “To Do List” for Congress:

  • Gets rid of red tape so hardworking and responsible homeowners can refinance their mortgages at current low rates.
  • Gives small businesses tax credits for hiring new workers.
  • Creates more American jobs by extending tax credits to clean energy manufacturers here at home, which will help us continue reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Honors our veterans by creating a Veterans Jobs Corps that will help them find work and serve their communities.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have a problem with sending American jobs overseas.

  • Romney was a corporate-buyout specialist who shut down American plants, sent jobs overseas and invested in businesses that helped even more companies do the same.
  • As governor of Massachusetts, Romney vetoed a bill that would have stopped sending state jobs overseas – and he offshored state jobs that could have employed the people of Massachusetts.
  • Romney’s promises are just as bad as his record. He opposes the President’s tax reform plan, which would end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. He also wants more tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.