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President Obama Has Helped Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil to a 20-Year Low; Romney and Ryan Shill for Big Oil and Would Take Us Back to the Failed Policies of the Past

Mitt Romney claims he’ll make us energy independent by 2020, but his plan won’t do it. President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy has helped lower our dependence on foreign oil to a 20-year low, is creating jobs and will help families save at the pump. Romney and Ryan return to the failed policies that created our reliance on foreign oil to appease their Big Oil donors.

Energy Independence: President Obama believes America’s energy independence is critical to creating jobs here at home and creating an economy built to last.

  • President Obama has taken concrete steps to make us more energy independent by out-innovating and out-building our competitors around the world.
  • Romney would cede leadership of critical energy sectors of our economy to competitors like China and India – and the jobs that go with them – by slashing investments in clean energy and energy efficiency.

Oil Imports are Down: Our dependence on foreign oil has reached a 20-year low, down 25 percent since President Obama took office. Our oil and petroleum imports fell by about 3 million barrels a day since 2008, a nearly 30 percent drop. We import less than 43 percent of our oil, down from nearly 60 percent in 2008.

  • The President believes we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices and his all-of-the-above strategy will keep creating jobs and developing homegrown American energy.
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s only solution is drilling.

Domestic Production Is Up: Oil production has gone up every year since the President took office, and domestic oil production is at a 14-year high.

  • President Obama believes we can responsibly develop our natural resources so we can strengthen our economy without damaging our environment.
  • Romney and Ryan want to approve drilling projects without ensuring safeguards needed to protect areas vital to tourism, our environment, and our national security.

Record-High Natural Gas Production: Under President Obama, we’re once again the world’s top natural gas producer.

  • The President’s plan to safely and responsibly develop our near 100-year supply of natural gas will help support more than 600,000 jobs.
  • Romney-Ryan’s plan for more fracking with fewer safeguards would risk contaminating drinking water.

Creating Clean Energy Jobs: President Obama’s clean energy investments have supported nearly 225,000 American jobs and helped double the amount of electricity we generate from wind and solar.

  • The President believes we need to keep investing in such a promising industry to create jobs in the U.S., not overseas.
  • Romney has described wind and solar as not “real energy,” and Ryan has called them a “fad.” Romney and Ryan would eliminate the wind production tax credit, risking tens of thousands of American jobs.

Saving at the Pump: President Obama is nearly doubling fuel economy standards for cars and trucks to save families more than $8,000 at the pump per car.

  • That means we’ll need about 2.2 million fewer barrels of oil a day by 2025.
  • Romney attacked higher fuel economy standards and Ryan voted against them.

Romney and Ryan Shill for Big Oil: Romney, Ryan and their SuperPAC allies have taken nearly $9 million from oil and gas interests.

  • They promise to keep giving $4 billion a year in taxpayer dollars to oil companies posting record profits.
  • They would eliminate protections against Wall Street speculators who manipulate oil prices.