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The President’s Education Reforms Are Helping Students Achieve and Strengthening Our Economic Competitiveness; Romney-Ryan Would Mean Fewer Teachers and More Crowded Classrooms

President Obama believes a good education is an economic necessity for everyone and a key part of creating an economy built to last. He’s spurring reform across the country and relieving schools from No Child Left Behind’s unworkable, top-down mandates so students can achieve and compete. Romney and Ryan would gut investments in education – which means fewer teachers and more crowded classrooms – so they can cut taxes for the wealthy, like Romney did in Massachusetts.

President Obama believes education is critical to creating an economy built to last, keeping America competitive and growing our economy from the middle class out.

  • His Race to the Top initiative spurred 46 states to raise their standards without any new mandates. It’s also making sure local schools have the right tools to help students learn and achieve for 1 percent of what we spend on public education.
  • He’s offering relief from No Child Left Behind’s top-down mandates for states that will use local solutions to improve schools and prepare students for success.
  • He supported more than 400,000 teacher jobs, preventing layoffs that would’ve increased class sizes. He’s urging Congress to support another 325,000 jobs to speed up the recovery and keep classrooms from getting even more crowded.

In Massachusetts, Romney made cuts that led to teacher layoffs and crowded classrooms but cut taxes for some of the wealthiest.

  • He forced Massachusetts schools to take the second-largest percentage cuts in the country during his first year in office, which led to teacher layoffs.
  • He cut taxes for 278 of the wealthiest people, costing taxpayers $78 million.

Romney wants to cut taxes for millionaires but says we don’t need more teachers and that class sizes don’t matter. He thinks he knows better than parents and teachers what’s good for their students.

Romney and Ryan would cut critical investments and reforms when students need them most so they can give budget-busting tax breaks to millionaires like Romney.

  • Romney-Ryan means more belt-tightening for schools across the country. They would gut investments in education to cut taxes for the wealthiest, risking up to
    65,000 educators’ jobs so millionaires like Romney can get bigger tax breaks.
  • Romney and Ryan would abandon a national commitment to improving the lowest-performing schools. Instead they would expand private-school vouchers, which have been tried and studied for decades but fail to help students achieve.