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Obama Campaign Launches Veterans and Military Families for Obama

The Obama Campaign has launched Veterans and Military Families for Obama, highlighting the President’s strong commitment to honoring our sacred trust with those who serve and protect our nation. It's a commitment that begins at when they take their oath, and it must never end.

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As millions of our servicemen and women return home from war, now more than ever we must continue fulfilling our duty to them and their families for their service. We owe all our veterans and their families the care they were promised and the benefits they earned.

President Obama is committed to helping veterans find work when they return home, get the health care and benefits they’ve earned, and be able to get a college education:

  • Jobs: He’s helping returning veterans find good jobs by giving businesses tax credits for hiring unemployed veterans and wounded warriors.
  • Health Care: He secured the largest increase in VA funding in decades to ensure our veterans get the care and benefits they earned, like treatment for PTSD and traumatic brain injury. He believes we must keep improving health care for all veterans, no matter where or when they served.
  • Education: He expanded and improved the Post-9/11 GI Bill so those who serve and their spouses can get help paying for college.

President Obama continues to keep his promises to our veterans and their families:

  • He brought the Iraq war to a responsible end.
  • He took the fight to al-Qaeda and authorized the mission that killed Bin Laden.
  • He’s drawing down our combat mission in Afghanistan.
  • He banned torture, restored our reputation abroad and ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” so we live up to the values we fight for and represent.

Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to care about honoring the sacred trust we have with vets and their families. Judging from his record, policies and promises, he would break that trust.

  • In Massachusetts, he slashed veterans’ programs his first month in office, and now supports the Romney-Ryan budget that would slash veterans’ spending by nearly 20 percent a year.
  • He wants to replace the VA’s high quality, guaranteed health care with vouchers, leaving many veterans unable to pay for the care they earned and need.
  • He left veterans out of his 59-point plan for jobs and economic growth, his major foreign policy speech, and his 44-page foreign policy white paper.
  • He lacks the foreign policy judgment and vision to be President. He recklessly touts his plans to send troops into wars but offers no plans to bring them home.