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Mitt Romney Would Repeal Obamacare and Refight Old Political Battles

Mitt Romney promises to repeal health reform on “day one,” refighting old political battles of the past and denying millions of Americans affordable health care.

Romney Would Take Away All of Obamacare’s Benefits:

  • Banning Insurance Abuses: Insurance companies can’t drop you because you got sick, made a mistake on your application or hit an arbitrary cap on coverage. Already 105 million Americans no longer have lifetime caps on their coverage.
  • Free Preventive Care: 86 million Americans got more access to preventive care – from lifesaving cancer screenings to regular checkups to immunizations – covered by Medicare or their insurance without a co-pay or deductible.
  • Rebates on Excessive Premiums: By August 1, 12.8 million Americans will have gotten rebates from their insurance company because it spent too much of their premium dollars on administrative costs or CEO bonuses.
  • Coverage for Young Americans Starting Their Careers: 3.1 million young adults who would’ve been uninsured have coverage through their parents’ plans.
  • Discounts on Prescription Drugs: More than 5 million people got discounts on their prescription drugs in the Medicare “doughnut hole” – each saving an average of more than $600 last year.
  • Covering Preexisting Conditions: Starting in 2014, insurance companies won’t be allowed to deny coverage or charge more based on health conditions, protecting the up to 129 million Americans with preexisting conditions. Already up to 17 million kids with preexisting conditions can’t be denied coverage anymore.
  • Affordable Coverage for Everyone: People who couldn’t afford insurance will either be able to get insurance through Medicaid or get generous tax credits that finally make coverage affordable. A typical middle-class family could pay up to 60 percent less for the same coverage – the largest-ever health care middle-class tax cut.
  • Stronger Medicare: Medicare will stay solvent through 2024, eight years longer than without Obamacare.
  • Smaller Deficits: Obamacare will reduce the deficit by more than $120 billion by 2021.

Romney is Attacking the President for the Same Tax He Created in Massachusetts. The individual mandate in Massachusetts – which Romney personally championed and signed into law – is almost exactly the same as Obamacare’s similar requirement. Massachusetts’ penalties are administered through the tax code, labeled “tax penalties” and are about the same as Obamacare’s fines on free riders.