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Mitt Romney Takes Money from Big Oil and Does Its Bidding

Mitt Romney is raising more money today from the Big Oil donors who share his backward priorities. Romney owes voters an explanation for why he supports Big Oil’s demands.

Today Mitt Romney is raising money at the home of billionaire oil executive and campaign advisor Harold Hamm, who has supported manipulating energy prices. Romney is also campaigning in Colorado, where he distorted the President’s all-of-the-above energy strategy that’s making America more energy independent.

Romney’s taken almost a million dollars from the oil and gas industry, and he supports a laundry list of its demands, including:

  • Giving massive tax breaks to oil and gas companies that are posting record profits.
  • Eliminating protections against Wall Street speculators who manipulate oil prices.
  • Criticizing fuel economy standards that help families an average of $8,000 at the pump.

Since taking office, President Obama has aggressively pursued an all-of-the-above energy strategy.

  • He’s helped increase our domestic oil production to an 8-year high and reduce our dependence on foreign oil to a 16-year low.
  • The President is helping double our renewable electricity production, and natural gas production in Colorado is at an historic high.