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Mitt Romney Shills for His Big Oil Donors, Distorts the President’s Job-Creating All-Of-The-Above Energy Strategy That’s Making Us More Energy Independent

Today Mitt Romney is holding a clean energy event in Colorado and distorting the President’s all-of-the-above energy strategy that’s making America more energy independent. Romney is a shill for Big Oil, taking its money and doing its bidding.

Romney Economics: In both the public and private sectors, Romney favored short-term profits that helped only those at the top over long-term investments that helped everyone. He wants to bring those values to the Oval Office and do the same for our energy future by letting his Big Oil donors shape his energy policies behind closed doors instead of implementing policies that help families save at the pump.

Shilling For Big Oil: Romney and his SuperPAC allies have taken nearly $7 million from the oil and gas industry, and he supports a laundry list of its demands.

  • He’d maintain $4 billion in needless taxpayer subsidies to oil and gas companies posting record profits.
  • He’d eliminate protections against Wall Street speculators who manipulate oil prices.
  • He’d turn his back on fuel economy standards that will save families an average of $8,000 at the pump.
  • He’d roll back the President’s job-creating investments in wind, solar and biofuels to help pay for his budget-busting tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

President Obama has aggressively pursued an all-of-the-above energy strategy, creating energy jobs and making us more energy independent as part of an economy built to last.

  • Jobs: Since the President took office, we’ve added tens of thousands of oil and gas jobs, coal mining jobs reached a 15-year high, and the President’s clean energy investments have created or saved nearly 225,000 jobs across the country.
  • Energy Independence: His all-of-the-above energy strategy is paying off, with our domestic oil production at an 8-year high and our dependence on foreign oil at a 16-year low. Natural gas production in Colorado is at an historic high.
  • Clean Energy Investments: The President’s clean energy investments have always been made on the merits, not politics. Overall they’ve helped nearly double our renewable electricity production and created or saved nearly 225,000 jobs. In particular, the Energy Department’s loan program has performed better than expected and with less than a third of the risk Congress anticipated.