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Mitt Romney Hides Many of His Domestic, Foreign Policy Plans Under Lock and Key

While President Obama has a clear vision for restoring economy security for the middle class, Mitt Romney has hid many of his domestic and foreign policy plans under lock and key.
  • President Obama has offered a specific blueprint for an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy and skills for American workers. Whether it’s three months from now or three years from now, he’ll fight to implement those policies in order to restore economic security for the middle class and ensure that hard work and responsibility are rewarded. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has hid many of his domestic and foreign policy plans under lock and key.
  • Romney has said that his $5 trillion tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans – over and above the extension of the Bush tax cuts – can’t be scored. He says that he would have to work out the details with Congress.

    So Romney is never going to disclose during this campaign whether he plans to increase the deficit by $5 trillion or raise taxes on an unidentified segment of the population.

    Romney made clear that while he has committed to severe cuts that could have significant implications for middle-class families, he won’t detail which programs he’s cutting for fear of political ramifications.

  • While Romney has no shortage of bellicose rhetoric on foreign policy, he has not followed his tough talk with detailed plans to enhance America’s security or strengthen our alliances. When Romney wasn’t literally running from reporters’ questions on foreign policy, he has been all over the map on the key foreign policy issues of our time:

    He was for and against the removal of Qaddafi.

    He said that any President would have authorized the mission to get bin Laden – after having previously said he wouldn’t have moved heaven and earth to do it.

    He has no plan for Iraq, and has taken all sides of whether to set a timetable to withdraw our troops from Iraq.

    And while he says that Russia is our “number one geopolitical foe,” he barely touches the subject in his platitude-filled foreign policy white paper.