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  • Mitt Romney is speaking to the National Rifle Association today in St. Louis and trying to Etch-A-Sketch away his mixed record on the Second Amendment, which ranges from raising fees on gun owners to lying about being a lifelong hunter.

    Please see this op-ed on the subject by former Ohio governor Ted Strickland.

  • Rick Santorum ended his campaign yesterday, and it's no surprise that Mitt Romney finally was able to grind down his opponents under an avalanche of negative ads. But neither Romney nor his special interest allies will be able to buy the presidency with their negative attacks. The more the American people see of Mitt Romney, the less they like him and the less they trust him.
  • Mitt Romney spent the Republican primary joining Republican attacks on women, and now he’s losing among women by 19 points. Romney is trying and failing to Etch-A-Sketch away his record on women by hypocritically misleading voters and attacking President Obama’s record on women and jobs. It’s no surprise women don’t trust Romney to stand up for them – he isn’t willing to do it.
  • Today Mitt Romney is attacking President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy that’s helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil so families can save at the pump. Romney is trying to Etch-A-Sketch away the past year when he attacked the President’s investments in clean energy. He’s also advocated a backward-looking drilling and drilling alone strategy that wouldn’t allow America to take control of our energy future.
  • Mitt Romney is campaigning in Pennsylvania today ahead of the Republican primary, and he’s looking for support from women voters. But women don’t trust Mitt Romney to stand up for them because of his extreme policies.
  • Mitt Romney is hypocritically calling President Obama out of touch. In reality, Romney himself isn’t just out of touch; his policies are too, and they would hurt the middle class.
  • When Romney calls anyone but himself out of touch, he’s being hypocritical. Romney himself has:

    Said it was “humorous” when his father closed a factory in Michigan that resulted in thousands of layoffs.

    Said he is “not concerned about the very poor.”

    Said he likes “being able to fire people.”

  • Yesterday Mitt Romney said Russia is “without question our number one geopolitical foe,” further undermining his credibility on foreign policy while trying to attack the President. Romney lacks the foreign policy experience and vision necessary to be president.
  • President Obama has offered a specific blueprint for an economy built on American manufacturing, American energy and skills for American workers. Whether it’s three months from now or three years from now, he’ll fight to implement those policies in order to restore economic security for the middle class and ensure that hard work and responsibility are rewarded. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has hid many of his domestic and foreign policy plans under lock and key.
  • Mitt Romney spoke last week at the Petroleum Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. He spoke to a roomful of Big Oil executives who have given money to his campaign and who would benefit from the pro-oil policies Romney supports as a presidential candidate. Romney’s energy policy is full of empty rhetoric and bad ideas that would make his Big Oil donors even richer at the expense of the middle class.

    Please see this new infographic on Romney’s alliance with Big Oil.


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