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Hypocrisy: Romney is in New Hampshire attacking the President on spending and debt. He’s the last person who should lecture Americans about debt and reckless spending.

Today the campaign released a new part of , an interactive map that highlights where Mitt Romney’s economic philosophy left companies bankrupt and Americans without jobs.

The Facts: Romney claims his first three years in office don’t count because he inherited a bad economy, but he’s attacking the President starting from January 2009. That’s hypocritical, even for Romney. In fact, over the first 39 months of their terms, President Obama has created five times more jobs in Massachusetts than Romney did as governor.

Romney Economics: As a corporate-buyout specialist, Romney cared about maximizing profits for himself and his investors, not creating jobs or helping companies grow.

Today’s New York Times says Mitt Romney is trying to call President Obama out of touch. But Romney’s comments and policies reveal his inability to relate to the middle class.

Extreme Hypocrisy: When Romney calls someone out of touch, he has no credibility.

Preexisting Conditions: Romney says his plan would let anyone with a preexisting condition who has been “continuously insured” get coverage if they “lose their job or change jobs,” but that law has been on the books since 1996.

Public-Sector Jobs: As we’ve created nearly 4.3 million private-sector jobs over the last 27 months, we’ve lost 450,000 state and local government jobs – many of them teachers and first responders. In the last 18 months, we’ve added private-sector jobs every month but lost public-sector jobs in 16 of them. According to leading economists, public-sector job losses are dragging down the economy.

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As millions of our servicemen and women return home from war, now more than ever we must continue fulfilling our duty to them and their families for their service. We owe all our veterans and their families the care they were promised and the benefits they earned.

President Obama is committed to helping veterans find work when they return home, get the health care and benefits they’ve earned, and be able to get a college education:

Romney is in Florida attacking the President on spending and debt. He’s the last person who should be lecturing Americans about debt and reckless spending.


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