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Free online training for Democratic candidates

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky Democratic Party has partnered with the National Democratic Training Committee to provide online training for any Democrat running for office in Kentucky. 

We witnessed Democratic candidates up and down the ballot succeed across the nation Tuesday night. We will bring the same change in 2018 by remaining competitive on the local and state level. 

To assist Kentucky Democrats taking that step, KDP has an online training system designed for first-time candidates, former and seasoned office holders. 

The training provides the information for running a smart, successful campaign at no cost to the candidate or the campaign.

Who: Kentucky Democrats running for office in Kentucky from school board to governor.

What: Free online training for all Kentucky Democrats running for office.

When: Training starts now and will always be available to Kentucky Democrats through the

KDP and the National Democratic Training Committee partnership. 

How: Let us know you're interested in running here: Then sign up at to get started.

"The Kentucky Democratic Party is excited to partner with NDTC to provide even more opportunities for our candidates to access high-quality training,” Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Sannie Overly said. “By making the training openly available to all Democrats who may run for office, the process of campaigning is demystified and first-time candidates gain the knowledge they need to be successful in their races."

In addition to training, the National Democratic Training Committee will partner with the KDP to host discussion calls on certain modules assisting Democrats to synthesize the training and put it into action. 

For more information about the program or to submit,  email  Mary Nishimuta, executive director of the Kentucky Democratic Party at .

Thinking about running for office? You can get a start online here: