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Rep. Steve Riggs becomes president of NCOIL

Frankfort -- State Representative Steve Riggs, who has long played a leading role in the state’s efforts to help Kentuckians with their insurance needs, will now take on that responsibility nationally as President of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL). His year-long tenure began this past weekend, during its annual meeting.

“I’ve been proud to serve at NCOIL’s highest levels for some time now and look forward to tackling new challenges as its president,” said Rep. Riggs, of Jeffersontown, who had previously been vice-president, secretary, treasurer and committee chairman. “For more than 45 years, NCOIL has been at the forefront of writing model legislation and then helping to get those proposals approved by the states.  This work has ranged from better protecting consumers following natural disasters to giving critical support to the ‘sharing’ economy that now includes such major companies as Airbnb and Uber.

“While the world has changed a lot over the decades, our core mission at NCOIL has not,” Rep. Riggs said. “We want to make sure our business and consumer’s insurance needs are being met and the markets stay affordable and strong.  As president, I am going to build on that foundation and see what more we can accomplish.”

With that in mind, Rep. Riggs noted that NCOIL approved model legislation at its conference last week that is largely similar to two bills debated by the General Assembly earlier this year.

“This new model bill we adopted for use by the 50 states gives families an important tool to counter identity theft involving their children,” Rep. Riggs said.  “Unfortunately, many parents are often unaware of this crime until their sons and daughters are adults and find out their credit is actually ruined. We need to take steps so families can ‘freeze’ their children’s credit and keep thieves from stealing their identity.  This model bill will help us do that, and I’m hoping we can get it passed this year in those states, including Kentucky, that don’t already have this on the books.”

As a legislator, Rep. Riggs serves as vice chairman of the Kentucky House of Representatives’ Banking and Insurance Committee, and he is chair of the chamber’s Local Government Committee. In his private profession, he works as an insurance broker in Louisville.