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Something Big in Kentucky

Something big is happening in Kentucky today.

Former Governor Steve Beshear has launched an organization called “Save Kentucky Healthcare,” and its sole purpose is to ensure that you and your family maintain your current right to quality, affordable healthcare.

Governor Matt Bevin has begun the process of dismantling key parts of Kentucky’s state-based healthcare system, and wants to shift all of us over to a Washington-based Health benefit Exchange.

Sign your name here to stand up for quality, affordable healthcare for you and your family.

We must let Gov. Bevin know that if he decides to continue down this path, it is his responsibility to make sure that no Kentuckian is left behind, and we are still afforded the right to quality, affordable healthcare.

Click here to add your name to tell Gov. Bevin that your healthcare rights should remain unchanged.

We all deserve to know how policy decisions are going to affect us, especially when it comes to our health and well being. Save Kentucky Healthcare is here to advocate for the basic rights of all Kentuckians.