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What They're Saying About The Debate: Bevin Lies, Then Flees

During last night's KET gubernatorial debate 'East Coast Con Man' Matt Bevin repeatedly demonstrated that he doesn't have the temperament to lead. 
When Bevin wasn't lying about what he said on video, he was admitting that his plans would hurt hardworking Kentucky families. And his decision to flee the premises after his explosive confrontation with the press on Sunday night dominated the coverage: 
See for yourself: 
Courier-Journal: "Bevin breezed past reporters, ignoring questions as he left KET's studio. That came one night after a tense exchange with reporters when he refused to answer one journalist's questions. Conway did take questions and said of Bevin's abrupt exit, 'If you're going to be the governor of Kentucky you've got to stand and take the tough questions...I think what he's shown over the last couple of nights is that he doesn't have the temperament to be the governor of Kentucky."[Courier-Journal, 10/27/15]
WUKY: "Bevin left without taking questions. And Conway used the opportunity to worry aloud about whether his opponent has thick enough skin for the job...Throughout the campaign, Bevin has at times declined to respond to select reporters. Sunday night, the scene repeated itself following a debate at Eastern Kentucky University." [WUKY, 10/27/15]
CN2: "Bevin’s refusal to address the media came a day after a testy press gaggle following Sunday’s debate at Eastern Kentucky University. Conway, who watched Bevin leave KET studios while taking questions, said that showed a lack of temperament by his opponent." [CN2, 10/26/15]
AP: "Bevin called the state’s settlement with the country’s largest tobacco companies, which Conway has helped maintain, as a 'shakedown' [...] Kentucky, which has some of the highest cancer rates in the country, gets $100 million a year from tobacco companies that helps pay for health care, early childhood education and to help farmers find other crops to grow besides tobacco." [AP, 10/27/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader: "He proposed switching new hires to a defined contribution 401(k)-style program. Bevin conceded that doing so would cost the state the money new hires pay into the existing program. 'Of course it will,' he said of his plan." [...] After the debate, apparently wanting to avoid a replay of Sunday night's contentious gaggle with the press, Bevin immediately left the building while Conway was taking questions." [Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/26/15]