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10 Days, 10 Ways Matt Bevin Lied to Kentucky: Drug Testing Medicare Recipients

10 Days, 10 Ways Matt Bevin Lied to Kentucky: 
Drug Testing Medicare Recipients 
FRANKFORT, KY -- Matt Bevin has spent his campaign proving exactly why Republicans called him an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar.' That's why each day for 10 days, the Kentucky Democratic Party is highlighting the top 10 reasons why Kentuckians cannot trust Bevin to be governor. 
Today's reason: at last night's debate, Bevin lied about his support for drug testing Medicare recipients.
During last night's KET gubernatorial debate, Bevin claimed that he never supported drug testing Medicare recipients. In reality, Bevin stated -- on video --  that he supports drug testing individuals on both Medicare and Medicaid. At a previous debate, Bevin also derided Medicare recipients by stating that they are "on the draw." 
"Matt Bevin has spent his campaign lying to Kentuckians and proving why even Republicans called him the 'East Coast Con Man,'" said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. "Bevin is on video calling for the drug testing of Medicare recipients -- but at last night's debate Bevin showed how little he thinks of Kentucky voters by flagrantly lying about what he said -- just like Bevin lies about everything else. It's just more proof why Kentuckians simply do not trust a delusionally dishonest con man like Bevin to be governor." 
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