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Matt Bevin's Latest Temper Tantrums

As Matt Bevin's campaign implodes, his behavior is becoming increasingly erratic and unhinged. Take these two examples from Wednesday:

  • First, the Glassgow Daily Times reported that Bevin exploded in front of a group of High School students when questioned about his various dishonest statements and his refusal to release his tax returns.

  • Following the event, Bevin berated a Conway supporter -- video of the incident is available here. Later that same day at the Fairway Neighborhood Association meeting, Bevin engaged in a heated confrontation with a voter about his plan to end Kentucky's Medicaid expansion. Video here.

Bevin has previously dropped by the Kentucky Democratic Party Headquarters -- twice -- to complain about a billboard. A video compilation of Bevin's most explosive outbursts is available here

From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "Each day brings fresh evidence that Matt Bevin lacks the temperament to lead and that Kentuckians are rapidly rejecting his campaign of chronic dishonesty. Whether Bevin is snapping, snarling or lashing out at voters, it's all just more proof why Kentuckians do not trust an 'East Coast Con Man' like Bevin to serve as our governor."