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What They're Saying: Bevin "Would consider doing away with early childhood education"

FRANKFORT, KY -- Last night during KET's Lt. Governor's Debate, Matt Bevin's campaign confirmed what Kentuckians have known for months: they simply don't care about early childhood education and they would consider doing away with these programs entirely
The only surprise is that after months of lying, they've finally come clean about their opposition to these vital programs.  Previously, Bevin stated that early childhood education "serves no purpose" while Hampton claimed that Head Start was being used for "indoctrination." 
See for yourself: 
Courier-Journal: "Matt Bevin’s administration would consider doing away with early childhood education programs." "Republican Jenean Hampton suggested that her and Matt Bevin’s administration would consider doing away with early childhood education programs...Early childhood education is a familiar theme for the campaigns, ever since Bevin said during a GOP primary debate in May that the federal Head Start program 'serves no purpose' after a child reaches age nine." [Courier-Journal, 10/19/15]
AP: Early Childhood Education a "'Non-Issue' For Matt Bevin." Democrat Sannie Overly promised a Jack Conway administration would spend more money on public preschool programs while Republican Jenean Hampton said it was a "non-issue" for Matt Bevin...'This whole issue, this is a non-issue for us. This wasn't even on our radar,' Hampton said when asked if a Bevin administration would provide public preschool programs in Kentucky." [AP, 10/19/15
CNHI: Lt. gov. candidates battle over education. "She said Hampton and Bevin 'have gone on record saying early learning programs like Head Start serve no purpose. My opponent says it’s a lot of indoctrination.' Hampton didn’t deny the comment." [CNHI, 10/19/15]