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WKYT: Bryant Calls Bevin Out For Hiding His Tax Returns

FRANKFORT, KY -- On last weekend's Kentucky Newsmakers on WKYT, host Bill Bryant called Matt Bevin out for continuing to break Kentucky's long and bipartisan tradition of disclosure by hiding his tax returns. 
Previously, the Associated Press reported that Bevin refused to disclose controversial companies on required state documents, a "possible ethics violation." Nearly 70 percent of Kentucky voters disagree with Bevin's refusal to release his tax returns. 

Bryant: Your opponent has insisted that you release your personal income tax returns. You have said you do not intend to do that as a candidate. 
Bevin: I don't. There is no reason to do so. If it were required I would do so. It's not required, it has never been required for people to do so. It's a smokescreen. 
Bryant: Is it a transparency though. That people might see where your money comes from?