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QUICK CLIPS: KDP Chair Slams Bevin On Tax Returns, Medicare

On WHAS's Powers That Be this morning, Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes highlighted two critical reasons why Kentuckians cannot trust Matt Bevin: his continued refusal to release his tax returns, and his disparaging comment attacking seniors who receive Medicare. Watch for yourself: 

KDP Chair Patrick Hughes: "Over 70 percent of voters in Kentucky believe Matt Bevin has to release his taxes. And I'll tell you why. Bill, it's all about governing. The reason it is, is because it's all about transparency. Citizens want a transparent government, they want a transparent governor. Matt Bevin is refusing transparency by not releasing his taxes. There's something in there he doesn't want Kentucky voters to see before the election." 

KDP Chair Hughes: "This isn't the first time Matt Bevin has referred to Medicare recipients in a disparaging way. When he was running for Senate, he suggested that Medicare recipients be subject to drug testing. Recently at this debate, sponsored by AARP, the question was asked of Matt Bevin by Jack Conway do you support random drug testing of Medicare. And when Matt Bevin began to answer, Jack Conway stopped and said we're talking about Medicare. [Bevin] said understood. And he went on to say they're 'on the draw.' He referred to Medicare recipients as being 'on the draw.' It's insulting.'"