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Seniors Condemn Matt Bevin For Calling Medicare Recipients "On The Draw"

Today local seniors joined Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes to hold a news-conference condemning Matt Bevin's statement during this week's AARP-Centre College Debate that Medicare recipients are "On the Draw." 
WHAS reports that "Bevin was asked specifically why he supports random drug testing for Medicare recipients...and he responded that seniors receiving Medicare are 'on the draw,' even though recipients must have paid into the program during their working life." 
"I paid into Medicare my entire life, I earned this program, and I'm outraged that Matt Bevin thinks seniors like me are 'on the draw,''" said Doyle Stacy, a senior from Louisville. "Bevin is proving once again that seniors cannot trust him to lead Kentucky, and he needs to apologize for his insulting comment. For Kentucky seniors like me, Bevin's statement just made the choice in this election even more clear: we back Attorney General Jack Conway for governor." 
"It was bad enough when Matt Bevin was lying about his failure to pay his taxes and breaking Kentucky's bipartisan tradition by hiding his tax returns -- but attacking seniors over their earned Medicare is truly despicable," said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. 'Kentucky seniors are not 'on the draw,' and Bevin needs to apologize. His insulting comment disparaging our seniors is the just latest example demonstrating that we can't trust an 'East Coast Con Man' like Bevin to serve as our governor."