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Wasting Taxpayer $$$ is a Tough Habit for Sen. Williams to Kick

Senator David Williams continues to turn his part-time job into a fulltime gravy train. As the Kentucky General Assembly grinds though another special legislative session caused by the obstructionism of Senate President David Williams, the Kentucky Democratic Party is reminding taxpayers that Williams has been wasting their hard-earned dollars for years. Whether his $1 Million pension for a part time position, a $17,400 big screen TV or a mere $60,000 a day for a special legislative session, Kentuckians across the Commonwealth are all too familiar with the “spend first, ask questions later” habits of David Williams.

“When you’ve lived large on taxpayer dollars the way David Williams has, throwing away $60,000 a day on a special session is second nature,” said Dan Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Whether it is creating a million dollar pension for himself, decking out his office in $17,000 televisions, or forcing special sessions to clean up his messes, Williams has made clear that his priority is to enrich himself rather than advance the needs of the people.

Highlights of David Williams’ Wasteful Spending:

Williams’ Office Remodeling Included $53,000 in Cherry Wood Paneling and a $17,000 Plasma TV. According to ABC WTVQ, “David Williams and his $100,000 office: You Paid for It ...It’s 480 square feet. It has cherry wood paneling, that cost almost $53,000, a plasma T.V. that cost $17,000, and wall-to-wall carpet, as well as a private kitchenette. Williams says the office is used as a conference room. This ‘conference room’ has a seating capacity of four – that’s only $25,000 per seat. And the plasma T.V. is for PowerPoint presentations.”

Williams Gave Himself a Million-Dollar Taxpayer-Funded Pension. Williams has voted to increase his pension five separate times, a $1 million pension for his part-time job, all funded by the taxpayers.

Williams Has Caused Repeated Special Sessions, Costing the Taxpayers $2 Million. Since Williams’ assumed the Senate presidency in 2000, the Kentucky legislature has gone into a special session four times because of failure to agree on budget issues. Those sessions occurred in 2002, 2009, 2010, and 2011, for a total cost to the taxpayers of $1,944,890. Thatamount that does not even include the cost of the current special session.

“I hope Kentuckians are paying close attention to David Williams and his Republican Senate colleagues,” Logsdon said. “The same hackneyed, selfish leadership they rejected last November is throwing a temper tantrum under the Capital Dome. However, David Williams has once again underestimated Kentuckians’ tolerance for lawmakers who play fast and loose with their hard-earned money. We’re going to keep the heat on David Williams and make sure that he gets the message loud and clear that Kentucky has had enough.