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KDP Chair Statement On Matt Bevin's Lies About the Brent Spence Bridge

Today, Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman and Northern Kentucky resident Patrick Hughes issued the following statement in response to Matt Bevin's newly revealed lie about his position on the Brent Spence Bridge. Bevin previously told the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce that he would make it "an absolute priority that we will rebuild that bridge,"  but the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Bevin said "Maybe the region doesn’t need a new Brent Spence Bridge."
"Matt Bevin looked Northern Kentuckians in their eyes and lied about his position on the Brent Spence Bridge -- just like Bevin lies about everything else. The Brent Spence Bridge is a critical piece of infrastructure for our community -- but the larger issue is that we simply cannot trust Bevin to tell us the truth. This kind of chronic dishonesty is exactly why even Republicans called Bevin a 'Pathological Liar,' and explains why they are rapidly losing confidence in his campaign."