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3 Lies Hampton Told At The WAVE Lt. Gov. Debate

FRANKFORT, KY -- At tonight's WAVE 3 NBC Lt. Governor's Debate, Jenean Hampton displayed the same kind of chronic dishonesty which has led Republicans to call Matt Bevin an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar.' Here are three big lies she told tonight:

LIE: Jenean Hampton claimed that she and Matt Bevin have just called for Head Start to be “evaluated.” 
FACT: Matt Bevin said that early childhood education programs like Head Start “serve no purpose,” and Jenean Hampton thinks Head Start is “indoctrination.” 

LIE: Jenean Hampton claimed that under her and Matt Bevin, “The people who have insurance under Kynect will not be affected.”  
FACT: Under Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton’s plan, Kentuckians would be forced to pay higher premiums because of increased fees on the federal exchange. 

LIE: Jenean Hampton claims that under her and Matt Bevin, “No one will lose their medical insurance. They will still have it.” 
: Matt Bevin would reverse Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion “immediately,” forcing almost 500,000 to lose their health coverage. Bevin himself has even admitted that “some would lose benefits." 

Statement from KDP Chair Patrick Hughes: “This debate demonstrated why even Republicans are rapidly losing confidence in ‘East Coast Con Man’ Matt Bevin’s campaign. The contrast between the candidates was clear: Hampton displayed the same kind of chronic dishonesty that led Republicans to label Bevin a ‘Pathological Liar,’ while Sannie Overly won this debate by showing once again that she and Jack are the only team that hardworking Kentuckians can trust to lead our Commonwealth.”