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Matt Bevin Crashes the KDP. Again.

FRANKFORT, KY -- In another moment demonstrating how unhinged Matt Bevin has become, this afternoon he took a break from not releasing his tax returns to stop by the Kentucky Democratic Party Headquarters and complain about our billboard, which states "We Still Cannot Trust Matt Bevin." This is the second time this month that Bevin has come to the KDP for this purpose. 
In response, today Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes issued the following statement: 
"This bizarre moment demonstrates just how unhinged Matt Bevin has become, but if he wants to talk to someone at the KDP all he has to do is make an appointment. We would be happy to talk with Bevin about his refusal to release his tax returns, his failure to pay his taxes, his lies about his positions on critical issues and his chronic dishonesty which has led even Republicans to call him a "Pathological Liar" and an "East Coast Con Man." 
Here's the best picture we have of the event: