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Bevin Lies: "You've Never Heard Me Say That I Would Do Away With" Medicaid

FRANKFORT, KY -- Moments ago at the Kentucky Association of Private Providers (KAPP), Matt Bevin once again proved why Republicans called him a "Pathological Liar" -- falsely claiming that he never said that he would do away with Kentucky's Medicaid expansion
BEVIN: "It's interesting, you said that, you know, you're not sure why I would want to just revamp it or do away with it entirely. You've never heard me say that I would do away with it entirely. There are many people who say that about me. There are many people including the fellow who I'm running against who would have you believe that. I've never said that."

On the first day of his campaign when Bevin was asked about the Medicaid expansion he said "Absolutely. No question about it. I would reverse that immediately." More recently, CNHI reported on a letter from Bevin stating he would "Repeal" the Medicaid expansion. 
From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "It is truly rare to find a politician like Matt Bevin who displays such a pathological level of delusional dishonesty. Bevin himself wrote that he would 'repeal' the Medicaid expansion -- stripping away healthcare from nearly 500,000 Kentuckians. It's just more proof why Republicans called Bevin an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar,' and that Bevin cannot be trusted as governor."