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VIDEO: Bevin: "It's Not A Tradition" To Release Tax Returns in KY

FRANKFORT, KY -- This weekend at Brushy Fork, Matt Bevin continued to prove why Republicans called him a "Pathological Liar," falsely claiming that "it's not a tradition" for gubernatorial candidates to release their tax returns in Kentucky. 
Bevin: “It’s an absolute lie with respect to tax returns. They’re not required to be returned. It’s not a tradition. Them saying it’s a tradition doesn’t make it one.” [Brushy Fork, 9/19/15]


Bevin is lying, see for yourself: 

  • Herald-Leader: "While the state has a bipartisan history of candidates releasing their tax returns, Bevin has said repeatedly that he won't release his until after he is elected.” [Herald-Leader, 8/04/15]

  • CN2: "Since Gov. Paul Patton won office in 1995, Kentucky governors have routinely made their annual tax returns public.” [CN2, 6/10/15]

  • Kentucky Kernel: “One political tradition in Kentucky is in place for good reason, and that is the tradition of gubernatorial candidates releasing their tax returns.” [Kentucky Kernel, 9/14/15]

  • State Journal: “Conway took his turn to point out that Bevin still hasn’t released his tax returns, a bipartisan tradition in Kentucky politics.” [State Journal, 9/15/15]

  • Paducah Sun: “While candidates aren’t legally required to release their returns, it’s become the norm for both presidential and gubernatorial candidates over the past 50 years. Since they are asking voters to put them in high public office, they’ve decided it’s fair to be held to a higher level of public scrutiny and be upfront about their income taxes. It’s a healthy trend in American politics.” [Paducah Sun,9/20/15]

From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "Matt Bevin is continuing to hide his tax returns and break Kentucky's long, bipartisan tradition of disclosure --  so now Bevin's doing what he always does: lying. It's just another example of why Republicans called Bevin an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological liar,' and it's more proof why we can't trust Bevin to serve as our governor."