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Bevin's Top 10 Excuses To Hide His Tax Returns

FRANKFORT, KY -- In a new report from WKMS, Matt Bevin reveals his latest dishonest and ridiculous excuse for his refusal to release his tax returns: just "trust me." 

"Meanwhile, Bevin elaborated on his decision not to release his tax returns, saying he has nothing to hide.  Democratic candidate Jack Conway and independent Drew Curtis both chided Bevin at Tuesday’s debate for not explaining his refusal to release the returns [....] 'If I did release my tax returns, people would see that I am, frankly, trust me, there’s nothing in there I’m concerned about people seeing at all.'" 

In response, today the Kentucky Democratic Party is releasing the top 10 excuses Bevin has tried to use as he continues to break Kentucky's long and bipartisan tradition of disclosure by hiding his tax returns: 

  • JUST TRUST ME: “Frankly, trust me, there’s nothing in there I’m concerned about people seeing at all.” [WKMS, 9/17/15]

  • JUST SAY NO: “No. Why? Why would I?" [CN2, 6/10/15]

  • DEFLECT: “Bevin campaign manager Ben Hartman called Conway’s release of his tax returns ‘a sideshow.’ ” [Lexington Herald-Leader, 6/18/15]

  • REFUSE:  "I don’t see any value in that.” [CN2, 6/10/15]

  • USE BIG WORDS: “Because I'm not required to release my tax returns because they are not apropos." [Kentucky Farm Bureau, 7/23/15]

  • STALL: “Bevin has said he will release his tax returns if he’s elected this fall but says there’s no reason to do so beforehand.” [CNHI, 6/18/15]

  • LIE: "Bevin also says he isn’t ‘someone who lives to show off what he does with his resources.’” [WKMS, 9/17/15]

  • DIG IN YOUR HEELS: “Do I think it’s necessary or appropriate for me to release my taxes? No.” [WFPL, 9/15/15]

  • CALL IT A TRAP: "There have been any number of other gubernatorial candidates such as John Y. Brown and others, Democrats and Republicans alike, who have never fallen for this trap.” [Bluegrass Poll Debate, 9/15/15]

  • SAY NONSENSE: “They’re going to always want to talk about chickens or other people’s tax returns.”[CN2, 6/10/15]

Although Bevin claims he "has nothing to hide," the Associated Press reported that Bevin failed to disclose controversial companies on state documents in a 'possible ethics violation;' the Courier Journal revealed that Bevin enriched himself through gambling and Common Core companies while opposing gambling and Common Core during his campaign; and CN2 reported that Bevin's investments included for-profit colleges.  

From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "After Matt Bevin was caught red-handed lying about his failure to pay his taxes, his finances, and his position on critical issues, Bevin's excuses about his refusal to release his tax returns are as ridiculous as they are dishonest. The only explanation for Bevin's continued refusal to follow Kentucky's long and bipartisan tradition of disclosure is that he has something to hide. It's all just more proof why Republicans called Bevin an 'East Coast Con Man' and a 'Pathological Liar,' and that we cannot trust Bevin to serve as our governor."