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VIDEO: Retired Teacher Calls Bevin Out For Risking Pensions

At an event in Williamsburg, a retired Kentucky teacher had strong words for Matt Bevin about his plan that would jeopardize the retirement of Kentucky's teachers -- and for his failure to respond to a KTRS survey on pensions. 
Kentucky Retired Teacher: “Discontinue this business of lumping us all together. We are different, there's different issues for each side. And I want that to be something. But in the Courier-Journal you did make it very clear, just exactly what you said today. And I was interested because we got the KTRS paper today that questions were asked of Bevin and Conway. And you did not respond to any of them.”​
Bevin previously told the Courier-Journal that all new hires - including teachers - “must be enrolled in a standard 401(k) type plan similar to those in the private sector, and we must examine all options for moving existing employees into the same plan." The National Education Association said a plan like Bevin's could leave teachers "suddenly unable to retire.