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VIDEO: Matt Bevin Lies About His Taxes, AGAIN

This morning in Laurel County, Matt Bevin proved once again why Republicans called him an 'East Coast Con Man'  -- falsely stating that there is "zero truth" to the claim that he hasn't paid his taxes. 
Audience Question: "I and others are very concerned about this new TV commercial about not paying taxes and all that. My question is, Matt do you have any future quick plans to get an answer to those tax, you know whatever they’re accusing you of on television at this time?" 
Bevin: "Let me touch on that from two different directions. Number one, there's absolutely no truth to any of that. Zero truth."
That's a lie, but here are the facts about Bevin's long, and well documented failure to pay his taxes:
WAVE 3 NBC: Bevin late several times on property taxes, documents show."Republican candidate for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin has been late to pay property taxes on land he owns in other states at least 10 times since 2002, documents indicate. Local officials in Greenwood, Maine and Leesville, Louisiana provided the documents at the request of WAVE 3 News. Combined, they show Bevin paid more than $1,100 in interest and penalties to settle property tax bills." [WAVE 3 NBC, 8/3/15]
WAVE 3 NBC: Records: Matt Bevin's company was a property tax delinquent"A company owned by Republican candidate for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin has been delinquent on its property taxes multiple times and is currently listed as "not in good standing" in Maine. Records show Bevin's company, Integrity Holdings LLC, has paid more than $670 in interest and late fees since 2009. In one case, a town in Maine filed a lien against the company, which holds some of Bevin's other business interests. Bevin lists himself as "sole owner" of Integrity. The company's delinquencies, when combined with late payments on two other properties previously reported by WAVE 3 News, have cost Bevin nearly $1,800 to settle." [WAVE 3 NBC, 8/28/15]
From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "Matt Bevin is living in a delusional and dishonest fantasy land if he thinks he can continue to get away with lying about his long and well documented failure to pay his taxes. To make matters even worse, Bevin is still breaking Kentucky's long and bipartisan tradition of disclosure by refusing to release his tax returns -- so Kentuckians don't know what else he's hiding. It's all just more proof that Kentuckians cannot trust an 'East Coast Con Man' like Bevin as governor."