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5 Questions You Can Ask The Koch Brothers If They Show Up At Your Door

In response to a new report that the Koch Brothers are beginning a door knocking campaign in Kentucky’s gubernatorial race, today the Kentucky Democratic Party is releasing 5 questions Kentuckians can ask these Koch Brothers operatives if they show up at their door. 
"Matt Bevin’s East Coast allies are pushing desperate attacks to try to distract from the truth about Bevin: he’s an 'East Coast Con Man’ who is lying about his failure to pay his taxes and his positions on critical issues  — and he’s still breaking Kentucky’s long and bipartisan tradition by hiding his tax returns,” said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “If they do show up at your doorstep, this guide will help Kentuckians get some answers out of Bevin’s lackeys — because we all know that we aren't hearing anything truthful from Bevin himself.” 
1. Didn't You Attack Matt Bevin For Failing to Pay His Taxes? During the primary campaign, the Koch aligned super PAC Citizens for Sound Government attacked Matt Bevin for failing to pay taxes on his Maine vacation home. 
2. Why Did Matt Bevin Lie About His Failure to Pay His Taxes? Bevin stated that “I have no tax delinquency problem, nor have I ever.” But WAVE 3 NBC reported that Bevin failed to pay his taxes on time multiple times, that his company was a property tax delinquent, and that his company is even listed as “not in good standing” for failing to pay taxes in Maine. 
3. Why Won’t Bevin Release His Tax Returns? Bevin is breaking Kentucky’s long and bipartisan tradition of disclosure by refusing to release his tax returns, even though the Associated Press reported that Bevin failed to disclose controversial companies on state documents in a “possible ethics violation." What else is Bevin hiding?
4. Why Did Bevin Lie About Opposing Early Childhood Education Programs? Bevin said, on camera, that early childhood education programs like Head Start “serve no purpose” — and then he tried to deny it. Why won’t Bevin come clean with Kentuckians about his position on this vital program? 
5. How will Bevin Pay The 23 Million Dollar Bill For Dismantling Kynect? Deloitte Consulting estimated the Bevin-Koch Plan to dismantle Kynect would cost Kentuckians $23 million — not to mention the fee spike that Kentuckians would be forced to pay on the Federal Exchange. Does Bevin have a plan to pay for the mountains of debt he’s proposing for the sake of his political ambitions?