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KDP Chair Statement: What Else is Matt Bevin Hiding In His Tax Returns?

FRANKFORT, KY — Following the release of a new television ad from Kentucky Family Values highlighting Matt Bevin’s refusal to release his tax returns — a long, bipartisan tradition for Kentucky gubernatorial candidates — today Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes issued the following statement: 
“Here’s the problem for Matt Bevin and why his refusal to release his tax returns isn’t going away: Kentuckians don’t trust Bevin — and because he’s breaking our decades old, bipartisan tradition of disclosure we don’t know what else he’s hiding. Bevin’s tax returns could reveal conflicts of interest, offshore bank accounts, more tax delinquencies and who knows what else. But here’s what we do know about Bevin: he an ‘East Coast Con Man' who failed to pay his taxes and then lied to us about it, just he lies about everything else. It’s been 76 days since Bevin first refused to release his taxes, and it’s past time for him to stop hiding, stop lying and finally come clean with Kentuckians.”
The Associated Press previously reported that Bevin failed to disclose controversial companies on required state documents in a “possible ethics violations” and the Courier-Journal revealed that Bevin enriched himself through Common Core and gambling companies while claiming to oppose Common Core and gambling during his campaign.