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Bevin's Lie of the Day: His Position on the Local Options Sales Tax

Moments ago, Matt Bevin demonstrated again why Republicans labelled him an "East Coast Con Man" and a "Pathological Liar," telling the Louisville Metro Chamber of Commerce that he might consider supporting a local options sales tax

Here's what Bevin said before, on tape:

  •  “I’m unequivocally opposed to the local option sales tax. It’s a bad idea." [Louisville Forum, 4/08/15]
  • "I am adamantly opposed to the local option sales tax.” [Oldham County Forum, 4/07/15]
  • "I am opposed to the local option sales tax." [Adair County Debate, 4/30/15]

From David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party: "Matt Bevin has a trust problem. When it comes to critical issues like early childhood education, the Medicaid expansion and now taxes, Bevin is either lying now or he was lying on video tape. Either way, it's more proof that Kentuckians cannot trust an 'East Coast Con Man' like Bevin to serve as our next governor."