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What They're Saying About Fancy Farm: "Democrats Unleashed A Barrage of Attacks"

While Matt Bevin drew criticism for his bizarre attack against a Kentucky political tradition, at this weekend's Fancy Farm Democrats were on offense: highlighting Bevin's record of lies and deceit by using the words of Bevin's own Republican Party leaders against him -- and driving the message that Bevin cannot be trusted at every moment of the event. 

See for yourself: 
Lexington Herald-Leader: "Matt Jones, host of Kentucky Sports Radio and the emcee of the event, approached the lectern after Bevin finished, noting how unusual the speech was. 'Matt I've got to give you credit, that was a strong speech, coming to Fancy Farm and saying you don't like Fancy Farm,' Jones said. 'It's like me going to Rupp Arena and saying Rick Pitino is a better coach than Calipari."
State Journal: "The most absurd turn of the day may have been what Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin did with his time to speak...Equally ineffective, before he finished jumping between his speech themes with a mediocre delivery he had used up his time and was cut off by the Fancy Farm music." 
AP: "Democratic nominee for governor and Fancy Farm veteran Jack Conway attacked Bevin with familiar one-liners not from liberal talking points but from some of the state's most prominent Republican politicians." 
The Courier-Journal: "The Democrats ripped into Bevin using the words that McConnell and his campaign staff used against Bevin last year. 'Pathological liar.' 'East coast con-man. 'They said if Matt Bevin ever became governor, his only agenda would be the commissioning of his own portrait,' Conway said."
CNHI: "Democrats unleashed a barrage of attacks here Saturday on Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin, calling him nearly every name in the book.The problem for Bevin is the book was written by fellow Republican Mitch McConnell in last year’s Senate primary, when he labeled Bevin as 'an East Coast con man' and 'Bailout Bevin.'"
WFPL: "Democratic candidates for statewide office recycled attacks delivered by McConnell and his supporters prior to the senator’s 2014 primary victory over Bevin. Phrases like 'Bailout Bevin' and accusations that Bevin was a pathological liar who doesn’t pay his taxes on time were peppered throughout the Democrats’ speeches."
WDRB: "For Conway and the Democrats, the more traditional Fancy Farm fare ... continuing their well coordinated campaign of painting Bevin as a Kentucky outsider who can't be trusted."  
CNHI: Gov. Steve Beshear reminded the crowd McConnell called Bevin an “East Coast con man and a pathological liar, and all at once they’re telling us now, he’s been rehabilitated and he’s worthy of being governor.”
CNHI: "Democrats also employed a stunt often used by McConnell, dressing up volunteers as characters to poke fun at an opponent. This time, it was people dressed as chickens wearing boxing gloves. Others walked around with a doctored photo of Bevin with a long nose and the name 'Bevinnochio' underneath."
WPSD: "Conway also took a shot at Bevin for not releasing his tax returns - a common bipartisan tradition of disclosure for anyone seeking office. 'Here's the truth. When someone like Matt Bevin lies to us about the big things and the small things, we can't trust Matt Bevin to look out for us.'"