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The 5 Lies Bevin Told At the Chamber Debate

During the Kentucky Chamber Debate, Matt Bevin continued to prove why Republicans have called him an "East Coast Con Man" and a "Pathological Liar." And in one of the most telling moments of the forum, Bevin refused to name his top budget priority, saying "If I told you that I'd have to kill you." See the video here

Here are the top 5 lies that Bevin told during this debate: 
1. Bevin claimed that he had never opposed Public Private Partnerships. But according to the 2nd page of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce's own voter guide, Bevin opposes Public Private Partnerships. See for yourself here.  
2. Bevin claimed that he had not invested in a company that makes Common Core software while opposing Common Core during the campaign. The Courier-Journal wrote " Although he vows to repeal the Common Core education standards if elected governor, Republican gubernatorial nominee Matt Bevin owns part of an education technology company that embraces those standards." See for yourself here
3. Bevin claimed he'll supports early child education, but Bevin previously stated that early childhood education programs like Head Start "serve no purpose." And contrary to Bevin's claims, multiple studies show that Head Start is cost beneficial. See for yourself here
4. Bevin claimed he was a Pension expert. But when retirees asked Bevin a simple question about funding pensions, he couldn't even answer it. See the video for here
5. Bevin claims he doesn't support a 23 percent sales tax. But Bevin previously said he would "absolutely" support a Fair Tax, which is the equivalent to a 23 percent sales tax on almost all goods and services. See the video for yourself here.