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Ahead of Forum, KY Dems Release Bevin's Positions on Key Chamber Issues

Ahead of today's Chamber Forum in Kentucky's gubernatorial race, the Kentucky Democratic Party is releasing a new graphic highlighting Bevin's policies that are opposed by the KY Chamber.    
"Matt Bevin is the kind of East Coast Con Man who looks you in the eye when he lies, and there's every reason to think he will continue his dishonest campaign today," said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. "Whether he's lying about his failure to pay his taxes, hiding his tax returns, or pushing his self-interested political agenda that will hurt the Commonwealth's businesses, Kentuckians just can't trust Bevin to look out for them." 
Bevin has previously criticized the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce for "offloading from corporations onto the public," and has repeatedly criticized the U.S. Chamber. 

Matt Bevin Opposes Smoke-Free Workplaces. Matt Bevin opposes legislation to make workplaces in Kentucky smoke-free. [Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 2015 Voter Guide, May 2015
Matt Bevin Opposes Tax Incentives to Attract Businesses to Kentucky and Called to “Get Rid of” Tax Expenditures. Matt Bevin has said it is “not the role” of government to incentivize businesses to move to Kentucky and has called to “get rid of” tax expenditures - which include credits for economic development and small business investment. [Louisville Tea Party Forum, 4/16/15; Jessamine County Forum, 4/25/15; Kentucky Tax Expenditure Analysis, FY 2014-FY 2016; Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, accessed 7/27/15]
Matt Bevin Opposes Public-Private Partnerships for “Any Of Our Roadway or Infrastructure Projects.” [Oldham County Forum, 4/07/15; Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 2015 Voter Guide, May 2015]
Matt Bevin Opposes Investments in Early Childhood Education. Bevin “argued that early childhood education helps kids when they are in 1st and 2nd grades but that those gains are wiped out by the 3rd grade. ‘Which means we’ve spent $170 billion on something that after the age of 9 serves no purpose,’ Bevin said.” [Courier-Journal, 5/12/15; Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, 2015 Legislative Agenda]
Matt Bevin Claims to Oppose Common Core Even Though He Profits From It. “Although he vows to repeal the Common Core education standards if elected governor, Republican gubernatorial nominee Matt Bevin owns part of an education technology company that embraces those standards.” [Courier-Journal, 6/18/15; Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 2015 Voter Guide, May 2015]
Matt Bevin Pledged to Dismantle Kynect Through Executive Order. “I will dismantle the Kynect program when I’m the next governor of Kentucky…It was swept in and it will be swept out the exact same way.” [Oldham County Forum, 4/07/15; Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 2015 Voter Guide, May 2015]