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QUICK CLIP: Matt Bevin Still Facing Heat For Hiding Tax Returns

At a press conference following the Farm Bureau Forum, Matt Bevin continued to take heat for breaking Kentucky's bipartisan tradition of disclosure and refusing to release his tax returns. Watch the video below: 

Q: Why not release your tax returns so Kentuckians can decide  -- 
Bevin: Because I'm not required to release my tax returns because they are not apropos of anything related to what's in the best interest of Kentucky going forward. Everything I am required to release I have released. 
Has Bevin released everything he's required to? Are his finances "not apropos" to Kentucky? These headlines tell a different story: 
AP: Bevin didn’t disclose positions, a possible ethics violation. “Republican nominee for governor Matt Bevin did not disclose his positions with two companies on his financial disclosure statement, a possible violation of state ethics laws.” [AP, 6/12/15]
WAVE 3: Records: Matt Bevin's company was a property tax delinquent. "A company owned by Republican candidate for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin has been delinquent on its property taxes multiple times and is currently listed as "not in good standing" in Maine” [WAVE 3 NBC, 7/14/15
Courier-Journal: Bevin’s gambling stance, investments at odds. "Despite the fact that Matt Bevin opposes gambling “on every level,” two companies that he operated invested heavily in casinos while he was in charge — sometimes owning more than $37 million in gambling stocks at any one time — according to Security and Exchange Commission filings." [Courier-Journal, 7/21/15]
WAVE 3: Bevin late several times on property taxes, documents show"Republican candidate for Kentucky governor Matt Bevin has been late to pay property taxes on land he owns in other states at least 10 times since 2002, documents indicate.”  [WAVE 3 NBC, 6/19/15]
Courier-Journal: Matt Bevin investment embraces Common Core. "Although he vows to repeal the Common Core education standards if elected governor, Republican gubernatorial nominee Matt Bevin owns part of an education technology company that embraces those standards.” [Courier-Journal, 6/18/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader, Youngman: Democrats use McConnell playbook against Matt Bevin. "And Bevin's refusal to release his tax returns makes the Democrats' job that much easier, especially when his claim last year to not have any tax issues also was refuted, this time by WAVE3 in Louisville, which showed that Bevin had been delinquent on his taxes more than 10 times.” [Herald-Leader, 7/12/15]
WDRB, Dyche: Bevin: Cowardice and questions. "Conway has released his tax returns for the last three years. You have not released yours.  Why not?" [WDRB, 7/14/15]