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What They’re Saying About the Farm Bureau Forum And Matt Bevin’s Lies

At yesterday's Farm Bureau Forum Matt Bevin proved again why Republicans have labelled him an "East Coast Con Man" and a "Pathological Liar," and the press took note. Whether Bevin was lying about his record of opposing the Farm Bill or just snarling at reporters when they tried to ask him a question, Bevin showed again that he can't be trusted to tell the truth to Kentucky. 
See for yourself: 
The State Journal: “Bevin countered he isn’t against tax expenditures and asked members to read his blueprint. But on page six of that blueprint, Bevin said as governor he would call for the reduction of tax exemptions ‘known in the state budget parlance as tax expenditures.” [The State-Journal, 7/23/15
CN2: “After Bevin said Conway and Kentucky Democrats misrepresented his views on the federal farm bill, Conway quoted former President Ronald Reagan in his 1980 debate with then-president Jimmy Carter for a second time in the nearly two-hour KFB forum. 'There you go again,” Conway said. 'Matt, in 2014 you were very clear that farm subsidies, in your opinion, only enriched a top handful of individuals. […]  I’m not a believer in subsidies,’ Bevin says in an April 2014 video recording of a campaign stop in Sligo.” [CN2, 7/23/15
The Associated Press: “He denied ever having said that he would issue an executive order to reverse the Medicaid expansion...When Bevin announced his ‘Blueprint for Kentucky,’ a reporter asked him if he would repeal Beshear’s decision to expand Kentucky’s Medicaid program. ‘Absolutely. No question about it. I would reverse that immediately,’ Bevin said.” [AP, 7/23/15]
WAVE 3 NBC: "Bevin refused to explain the timeline and declined to answer a reporter's question.” [WAVE 3 NBC, 7/23/15
Al Cross, The Courier-Journal: "As the questioning continued, Bevin said he had explained what would happen to the 430,000 new Medicaid beneficiaries. Told that he hadn’t, he replied, 'They’re Kentuckians. They will continue to live in Kentucky if they choose to.' So, is his answer that they should move from the state?” [The Courier-Journal, 7/24/15]

Al Cross, The Courier-Journal: "As he wrapped up during the forum, Bevin said 'My Christian faith defines my decision-making process.' It was difficult to see that on Thursday.” [The Courier-Journal, 7/24/15]