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The 5 Biggest Lies Matt Bevin Told at the Farm Bureau

At today’s Kentucky Farm Bureau Forum, Matt Bevin lived up to his label as a “pathological liar” and an “East Coast Con Man.” Here are the top 5 lies Matt Bevin told to Kentucky today: 
1. Bevin said that you could check his Blueprint to see how he would help Kentucky farmers. In fact, the word ”Farm” doesn't appear once in Bevin's Blueprint for Kentucky. See here
2. Bevin said he supports tax expenditures for Agriculture. Actually, Bevin said “we’ve got to get rid of what are called tax expenditures in the state of Kentucky.”  Video here.
3. Bevin said he wouldn’t kick anyone off healthcare immediately. Actually, when Bevin was asked about the Medicaid expansion he said “I would reverse that immediately." Articlehere.
4. Bevin claimed he supported parts of the Farm Bill that help farmers. Actually, Bevin said “I’m not a believer in subsidies,” claiming the Farm Bill only helps wealthy farmers. Videohere
5. Bevin said his position on the Farm Bill was mischaracterized. You can check the video for yourself, where Bevin says -- quite clearly -- that the Farm Bill is “an insult to farmers." Video here
Then again, is anyone really surprised that Bevin didn’t tell the truth?