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KY Coal Miners Call on Bevin To Take Down False Attack Ad

Miners highlighted deceptive footage featuring Mexican coal miners, KDP Chair says ad is part of a pattern of dishonesty from Bevin and his East Coast Allies. 
FRANKFORT, KY -- Today retired Kentucky coal miners joined KDP Chairman Patrick Hughes to condemn a new RGA ad falsely attacking Attorney General Conway's strong record of supporting Kentucky coal, and called on Bevin to have his East Coast allies take down the ad. 
The KY coal miners also responded to news-reports revealing that the ad features deceptive footage of Mexican coal miners posing as Kentucky coal workers. 
"This ad is a slap in the face to Kentucky coal miners," said Clifton Gardner, a retired KY coal miner. "I'd like to ask Matt Bevin to take this ad down because it's really a low blow to the coal miners of Kentucky. If you want to support someone this year who is going to be for Kentucky coal, you need to support Jack Conway -- because he has always been for Kentucky coal miners, and always will." 
"This picture does not represent any modern Kentucky coal miners or coal workers as far as I know -- it certainly doesn't look like any mine I've worked in," said Robert Lear, a retired KY coal miner. "Mr. Bevin should be ashamed of himself for portraying a mine like this as a Kentucky coal mine. He really needs to take an ad like this down in my opinion. Jack Conway has tried to help coal with the EPA regulations, and all coal miners should endorse him for standing up for coal." 
KDP Chairman Hughes also highlighted Bevin's long record of dishonesty, including: his lies about his taxes and his attendance at a pro-cockfighting rally; his false claim that he attended MIT; and his “possible ethics violation” for failing to disclose controversial companies on state documents. Kentucky Republicans have labeled Bevin a "pathological liar" and an "East Coast Con Man." 
"This ad is really indicative of a larger problem: there is a continuing trend of deceit and dishonesty coming from Matt Bevin and his East Coast allies," said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. "That's why Republicans have referred to Matt Bevin as a 'pathological liar.' From his lies about his taxes to his false statements about attending a cockfighting rally, it's clear Kentuckians cannot trust Bevin to serve as our governor."