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The Video Where Matt Bevin Lies About His Taxes

Today marks the 19th day since Matt Bevin broke Kentucky’s bipartisan tradition of disclosure and refused to release his tax returns. Since then, he’s faced a series of escalating scandals surrounding his finances — including a WAVE 3 NBC investigation revealing that Bevin failed to pay his taxes on time at least 10 times
But the real problem for Bevin isn’t just that he’s failed to pay his taxes. It’s that — in the words of KY Republicans — Bevin is a “pathological liar.”  
That's why to mark the 19th day since Bevin hid his taxes from Kentuckians, we're releasing this video of Bevin where he flat out lies about his taxes, claiming “I have no tax delinquency problem, nor have I ever.” 
See for yourself:​

By the way, when Bevin was contacted by WAVE 3 about his late tax payments, he "did not provide an explanation."