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WAVE 3 NBC: Matt Bevin Failed to Pay His Taxes On Time At Least 10 Times

A new investigation by WAVE 3 NBC Louisville reveals that Matt Bevin failed to pay his property taxes on time at least 10 times in several states, and now is refusing to provide any explanation. From the report: 

"Matt Bevin has been late to pay property taxes on land he owns in other states at least 10 times since 2002, documents indicate. Local officials in Greenwood, Maine and Leesville, Louisiana provided the documents at the request of WAVE 3 News. Combined, they show Bevin paid more than $1,100 in interest and penalties to settle property tax bills. Bevin disputed the numbers but did not provide an explanation for what the Maine and Louisiana officials provided.” 

This investigation is the latest in a series of recent stories revealing scandals involving Bevin’s finances: 

  • CN2 Pure Politics reported that Bevin is refusing to release his tax returns, breaking a bipartisan tradition of disclosure by Kentucky’s gubernatorial nominees; 
  • The Associated Press revealed that Bevin failed to disclose controversial companies on state required documents, a “possible ethics violation;”
  • And The Courier-Journal detailed Bevin’s involvement with a Common Core software company, despite Bevin’s claim that he opposes Common Core during his campaign. 

“Each day seems to bring a fresh example of Matt Bevin’s staggering dishonesty, hypocrisy and self-interested political agenda,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. “The fact that Bevin is still refusing to disclose his tax returns — even after he was caught failing to pay his own taxes at least 10 times — only underscores one central question: what else is Bevin hiding? Bevin is proving exactly why Republicans labelled him an ‘East Coast Con Man’ and that Kentuckians cannot trust him to serve as governor.”