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"Not Much Unity At Republican 'Unity Rally.'"

The verdict from Matt Bevin's dinner party this weekend is in and this headline says it all: "Not Much Unity at Republican 'Unity Rally.'"  
From notable absences to attendees expressing "regret and concern," Bevin is still struggling to unify his own party -- and Kentucky Republicans have expressed plenty of reasons why they aren't getting behind his campaign. 
See for yourself: 
WKU: "Not Much Unity at Republican 'Unity Rally:'" "Former candidates Comer, Hal Heiner and Will T. Scott did not attend the event and McConnell backed out in order to prepare for a last-minute debate on the expiration of the Patriot Act in Washington. [WKU, 6/1/15]
CNHI: "Former opponents skip Bevin dinner:" "There were also signs not everyone was entirely relaxed and comfortable. For starters, none of the three Republicans who finished behind Bevin in the primary, all of whom endorsed Bevin and promise him their support – James Comer, Hal Heiner and Will T. Scott – was on hand." [CNHI, 5/30/15]
Lexington Herald-Leader: "In hushed tones and whispers, a number of attendees at the dinner continued to express regret and concern that Bevin has emerged as the party's standard-bearer." [Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/30/15]
Courier-Journal: McConnell's Terse Backing of Bevin Shows Rift?:" "It was as heartfelt and warm as a letter from the Internal Revenue Service...It packed in all the emotion that the sphinx-like U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell could conjure up for his old foe." [The Courier-Journal, 5/30/15]
The State Journal: "Pull quotes with links to news articles and KET video, highlight the difficulty the Kentucky GOP may have embracing Bevin as Fugate said, 'Matt Bevin is the hardest candidate for Kentucky Republicans to unify behind.'" [The State Journal, 6/1/15]
WHAS: Members of the GOP are still licking their wounds after four Republicans battled for the party's gubernatorial nomination in a victory decided by just 83 votes. [WHAS, 5/31/15]
CNHI: Bevin’s running mate, said, 'We are unified.' That might more easily be stated than done." [CNHI, 5/29/15]