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A Bad Start for Bevin

This can’t have been the way Matt ‘Bevinocchio’ Bevin was hoping to start the general election. He’s been caught falsely claiming to have endorsed and donated to Sen. McConnell following their primary, he’s faced criticism from leaders of the Kentucky GOP for not telling the truth, and he’s exacerbated lingering questions about his relationship with Sen. McConnell by inexplicably canceling a joint appearance with him. 

See for yourself: 

AP: "Bevin has faced criticism after saying he supported McConnell in the general election, even though he never publicly endorsed the senator. Federal records show Bevin has not donated to McConnell's campaign…And he and the senator appear to still be keeping their distance.” [AP, 5/27/15]

Lexington Herald-Leader: “A number of McConnell allies have said in recent days that Bevin isn't telling the truth, and that his comments are making it harder to rally Republicans who support McConnell around a nominee they might not like.” [The Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/26/15]

Cincinnati Enquirer:  "Many have interpreted that as Bevin claiming that he donated to the McConnell campaign, which election records show did not happen…Bevin canceled that appearance where McConnell, the Senate majority leader, spoke.” [The Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/27/15, Headline: Could bad blood hurt Ky. GOP efforts?]

WDRB:  "A chance for the two to publicly bury the hatchet Tuesday never happened.” [WDRB, 5/26/15]

Insider Louisville: "His additional suggestion that he 'wrote checks' for McConnell is false, as Federal Election Commission records show he never donated to McConnell…Cox said he wants to see the Republican Party unite for the fall elections, but Bevin’s falsehoods right off of the bat aren’t doing the party any favors.” [Insider Louisville, 5/22/15, Headline: Matt Bevin’s claims of past support for Mitch McConnell hinder GOP unity in wake of primary]

CNHI: " Matt Bevin and Mitch McConnell apparently won’t be getting together anytime soon despite two opportunities this week to do so. That means any answer to the question on every political mind in Kentucky — can the GOP unify behind Bevin after a bitter Republican gubernatorial primary and Bevin’s refusal last year to endorse McConnell after their Senate primary? — will have to wait.” [CNHI, 5/26/15, Headline: 'Unity' on hold between Bevin, McConnell]