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5 Questions For Matt Bevinocchio About His Alleged Mystery Contribution to McConnell

Insider Louisville reveals that Matt “Bevinocchio” Bevin’s recent claim that he “wrote checks” to Sen. McConnell following their divisive primary is flatly false, according to FEC records: 

"While Bevin actively endorsed several down ticket candidates like Phil Moffett and Jenean Hampton, and told people not to vote for McConnell’s opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes, his additional suggestion that he 'wrote checks' for McConnell is false, as Federal Election Commission records show he never donated to McConnell.” 

Following this revelation, today the KDP is releasing 5 questions Bevinocchio should answer about his alleged mystery contribution to Sen. McConnell: 

  1. Why are you misleading Kentuckians about donating to Sen. McConnell’s campaign?
  2. Do you agree with Sen. McConnell’s former State Director Larry Cox who said your false claim makes it harder for Kentucky Republicans to unify?
  3. Do you believe the Federal Election Commission is falsifying their records? 
  4. What was the date of your alleged contribution to Sen. McConnell? 
  5. Will Sen. McConnell back up your claim that you contributed to his campaign? 

“Matt Bevinocchio is starting out his general election campaign the same way he ran against Sen. McConnell: trying to mislead Kentuckians in order to help his own self-serving political agenda,” said David Bergstein of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “That’s why Kentucky Republicans are still speaking out against Bevinocchio and making it clear that his deceit is continuing to fracture their already divided Party.”