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“Horror:” What They’re Saying About Matt Bevin and the KY GOP Primary

The KY GOV nasty, never-ending Republican primary hasn’t been settled yet, but in the meantime there’s plenty of Republican hand-wringing about the unofficial nominee Matt Bevin and the fractured state of the Kentucky Republican Party. Here’s what they’re saying: 
AP Headline: "GOP primary for governor remains undecided in Kentucky, delaying efforts to unify party.”
New York Times Headline: "In Kentucky, Republican Primary Yields Disarray.”
Cincinnati Enquirer: "Whoever is declared the winner eventually faces an uphill challenge to reunite state Republicans against a well-financed Conway campaign given all the mud-slinging that happened during the race.” 
Politico Headline: "GOP’s Kentucky turmoil aids Democrats
Murray State Political Science Professor Drew Seib: "We've got another week, maybe two weeks before we know who the Republican nominee is. And that's a head start the Democrats get.”
Lexington Herald-Leader: “It remains to be seen whether McConnell loyalists have forgiven Bevin for his 2014 slight and just how hard national Republicans will work for a candidate they long believed was their weakest chance at winning back the governor's mansion.”
Bloomberg: "McConnell's circle watched with horror as Bevin rose in the polls.”
Insider Louisville:  "As long as Bevin’s victory stands, Kentucky Republicans must heal internal wounds caused by not just this contentious gubernatorial primary, but last year’s Senate primary as well…Such statements — and his hard-right policy positions — are part of the reason so many establishment Republicans feared Bevin would win their nomination.” 
CNHI: "When it became clear he was the likely nominee, reporters and political observers began to ask if the party could unify behind the insurgent Bevin.”
NBC First Read: “If you want to know how awkward it will be for McConnell and his team to stand next to Bevin in the general election, consider these quotes…'I think Bevin disqualified himself with most Republican voters when he refused to endorse McConnell after the primary.’” 
Scott Jennings, Top McConnell Advisor: “Some of his weaknesses really didn’t get relitigated in this primary.’"
Larry Cox, retired state director for McConnell: "Cox said Bevin’s decision to enter the race—and to do so just before the filing deadline—was 'selfish, angry, antagonistic.'  'And that’s the way he’s run his campaign,' Cox added. 'If I get a big surprise and Bevin is nominee, I don’t know what happens with any kind of party cohesion.'”
Jefferson County Republican Chairman Bill Stone: "'I do believe Matt Bevin has a harder hill to climb because of his conduct in the general election last year for U.S. Senate.’”