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10 Times "Tempers Flared" In KY Gov. Primary This Past Week

Tempers flared” and the candidates “grew irritable with one another” as the Republican primary slugfest in the KY governors race continues to escalate. 

The Republican-on-Republican attacks are coming fast and furious, so to help you keep track here’s a quick recap of 10 insults and accusations that the candidates have hurled at each other this past week: 

  • "Hal pretend that you've created jobs by building a building that people who create jobs rent, that is a very, very different animal." [CN2, 4/21/15]
  • "James Comer [...] wondered aloud Thursday whether rival Hal Heiner had broken campaign laws." [WAVE 3, 4/23/15]
  • "The former Louisville Metro Council member’s campaign accused Bevin of running a recent push poll […] 'It’s hypocritical; it’s absurd.’” [CN2, 4/23/15]
  • "Heiner 'is the most hypocritical politician I’ve ever seen,' said Comer." [CN2, 4/23/15]
  • "Bevin’s promised lightning, though, is 'likely electrocution,' Heiner retorted.” [CN2, 4/21/15]
  • “‘He's whining, and we don't need a whiner as the next governor of Kentucky,' Bevin told reporters." [WDRB, 4/23/15]
  • "'He's got that little smirk’" Comer said of Heiner. [The Courier-Journal, 4/23/15]
  • "Bevin asked if viewers 'want a governor who will hide behind the lies of people' who want to 'soil the bed of the Republican primary.” [CN2, 4/21/15]
  • "Hal Heiner said that...Comer had voted to increase his own pension by $500,000."  [Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/24/15]
  • 'Shame on you […]' Comer said, turning to Heiner." [CN2, 4/21/15]