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The Republican Party’s obsession with sabotaging the health care law reached a historic low today

Republicans purposely drove the country to a government shutdown – all in an effort to try to gut Obamacare. Make no mistake; the GOP shutdown will harm the economy and the middle class.

Because of the GOP shutdown:

  • Over 800,000 federal workers will be furloughed during the shutdown
  • Lifesaving clinical trials at the National Institute of Health could turn new patients away, the federal disease hotline will likely go unanswered, and veterans’ compensation claims may go unanswered
  • All National Parks and numerous federal buildings and government resources will be unavailable

In total, the GOP shutdown could cost the US economy $10 billion a week.

Republicans are focused on undermining President Obama and his plans to boost the economy and improve access to health care for all Americans; they’re driving the nation over the cliff.

Impact of the GOP’s Brinkmanship on the Economy

This week, Republicans shut down the government and in the coming weeks they’re risking even greater economic hardship by threatening not to pay the nation’s bills.

President Obama’s economic policies are working and our economy is heading in the right direction. In September, the U.S. manufacturing sector expanded at its fastest pace since 2011. Republican brinkmanship is putting this progress at risk, hurting the financial stability of our country and threatening to roll back the gains we’ve made.

Reuters: September manufacturing activity highest since April 2011

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce’s Top Lobbyist: “It Is Not In The Best Interest Of The U.S. Business Community Or The American People To Risk Even A Brief Government Shutdown That Might Trigger Disruptive Consequences Or Raise New Policy Uncertainties Washing Over The U.S. Economy.” [The Hill, 9/18/13]

It is unacceptable that the greatest nation on Earth can't keep the government running and pay its bills on time.

If Republicans got their way and force us to default on our obligations, it would devastate the economy and economic wellbeing of all Americans:

  • Mark Zandi, former economic advisory for John McCain has said that a default over the debt limit would cause a severe recession
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue said “it is insane not to raise the debt ceiling” and pledged to find primary challengers against lawmakers who threaten default.

Update on Polling…

A QUINNIPIAC POLL Today: American voters oppose 72-22% Congress shutting down the federal government to block implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and oppose 64-27% blocking an increase in the nation's debt ceiling as a way to stop Obamacare

A CNN poll finds 69% of Americans—including 52% of Tea Party supporters—think Congressional Republicans are “acting like spoiled children,” and 46% say they would blame Congressional Republicans for a shutdown.